The Breakthrough

Last Sunday, while procrastinating the completion of a paper on Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” I pre-planted three seeds that, according to the very handy information on the back of the seed packets, need a longer growing season: Tam Jalapeños (a very mild, but still flavorful pepper), Kiwano or Horned Melons (a vining melon native to Africa), and Hardy Kiwi Vines (a smaller, fuzz-less version of the Chinese kiwi capable of growing in sub-zero temperatures). After only a week in my rather over-sized Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse (available at most department stores or here on Amazon), I was surprised by how quickly these plants had grown! I may have misread the label on my leek seeds, though…so you may notice a few errant Alliums in the fourth column there. Hopefully they last until the final frost in May!  Before I go, I’ll leave another guide in the form of an article from garden-author Ed Hume’s website. “Starting Seeds Indoors” provides excellent information for both flower and vegetable seeds if you’re interested in getting a jump on the growing season!

Until next time, happy gardening!


2 responses to this post.

  1. great job, nathan ~ you managed to “plant” lots of garden related stuff without being cheesy about it ~ i especially love the root cellar 🙂

    adding you to my google reader ~ i’m hoping to maybe do a container garden this year, so i’ll be interested in learning some gardening tips!


    • Thanks for checking out my site! I’m finding that I really like writing about gardening and other related topics…it’s amazing how fun writing can be when a deadline isn’t involved!
      I think we’re going to try starting a container garden, too, so I’m sure I’ll have some info up soon!


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