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From Death Springs Life

With the danger of frost long-gone, and the weather finally turning warm (read: unbearably hot and humid), I thought I’d just quickly show what’s taken shape in The Scholar’s Garden thus far! Since it’s just the start of the season, there’s little fruit to show, so I’ll be trying a new camera technique to bring you a closer look at the seeds that will bring life to our soil! I’ve also added in a few of the flowers that have recently bloomed, as well as a funny little tortoise who seems to be residing near our Japanese Maple. Just so you know, I haven’t forgotten about my promised post on herbal tincturing – that guide will be popping up later this week! For now, though, enjoy an early look at The Scholars Garden!


Of Mice and Men

Looking back over today’s events, I can’t help but sympathize with Robert Burns’
protagonist in “To a Mouse, on Turning up Her Nest with the Plow,” the nameless man
(or woman) who gave our culture the famous sentiment that “the best laid plan of mice and men often go awry.” Image found on

I mention this because early this morning (we’re talking 5 a.m. and up – a time of day that, I’ve decided, should never be seen by human eyes) I was supposed to have a photo shoot with a local landscaping firm for a school project. Being the diligent, student photographer that I like to think I am, I made sure that my film was loaded, my bags were packed, and my destination was plugged into my GPS last night before going to bed; and, this morning I hurried through my morning routine in order to leave extra early. However, despite my careful planning and preparation, it rained. Usually, a little rain wouldn’t bother the hardened, time-worn gardening veterans that I was supposed to photograph; but this wasn’t the usual light, Pennsylvania drizzle that often accompanies an early Spring morn…no, this was a house-shaking, light-flickering sort of storm that sent even the most determined gardener back to bed. So, I was forced to drive dejectedly back home in the middle of a maelstrom without a single picture to hand in to my professor.

The reason that I’m telling you the woes of my morning is because of what I discovered when I arrived home from my unsuccessful venture into the world of photography. Since my morning was now wide open, I decided to do a little indoor gardening and tend to the seedlings that I referenced in “The Breakthrough.” Much to my delight, my plants were all doing wonderfully; all except for the Kiwano melon, the one plant that I had most hoped to grow this year. Upon doing a little digging into the matter, I came upon a startling discovery: somehow, in my grand plans to construct a bountiful garden, I had forgotten to plant the seeds! Once I finished depositing my melon seeds into their respective pods, I reflected on what had just happened. Had my original plans gone as I had hoped, it is quite possible that I would never have noticed my gardening error, thus forcing me to wait another year to plant this crazy-looking fruit. Perhaps plans going awry isn’t the worst thing in the world…

Just so you know, if the weather cooperates, I should be able to complete my photo assignment on Friday the 25th. This means that I’ll hopefully have a bunch of pictures of some of the most well-kept gardens in the area to share with you by the end of the week! And, if you’re interested in the rest of Robert Burns’ poem, I’ll be posting it in its entirety in the “Verse from the Garden” section of the blog.

Well, that’s all the news from my garden, hopefully everyone else remembers to plant their seeds this year!

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